ERE Property

Building better investments

  • Role Designer
  • For Black Lab Digital / ERE Property
  • Date 2021
  • Type Brand Identity & Print Design

ERE Property came to me looking to update their branding and increase the visual profile of their branches.

Feeling their existing branding was dated and looked cheap, they wanted the new brand to feel modern, energetic and more polished. They also felt their existing branding didn't provide a professional image, nor reflect the scale of services they offer.

The new logo mark combines a simple but bold abstract building shape as a holding device for a graphic representation of the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, reflective of the area the brand hales from. Combined with bold, heavy type, it provides an Informal but approachable feel to the brand.

Combined with a fresh and stimulating blue gradient, a neutral dark grey / almost black base provides a modern and high end approach with dramatic impact.