Go Cornish

Go Cornish, a digital platform aimed at engaging
a new demographic of non-Cornish speakers.

  • Role Designer
  • For Goldentree Productions
  • Date 2019
  • Type Brand Identity Design, Illustration, Digital Design, Exhibition Design & Vehicle Livery

Working closely with the Goldentree Productions team and First Busses South West, funded by Cornwall Council’s Cornish Language Learning and Communication Fund, I worked for over a year on the design and illustration for the launch of the brand in January 2019.

Go Cornish website home page

The Cornish language is undergoing a revival and Go Cornish exists to further inspire new people to learn and use the language, whilst celebrating those who already put it to good use and promotes learning the Cornish language in accessible ways. Between 2,000 and 3,000 people can speak some Cornish and the number learning is growing.

“Ow triga yn Kernow, ass on ni feusik kavos yeth teg teythyek, agan honan. Kernewek yw tresorva rych rag pobel a bub oos dhe vos rann anedhi. Ni a wayt bos agan gwiasva Go Cornish kevadow yn tien dhe beub neb a vynn dyski po adhyski an yeth kernewek, ny vern aga oos, keyndir po soodh.”

“Living in Cornwall, we are so fortunate to have our own beautiful, indigenous language. Kernewek is a rich treasure trove for people of all ages to engage with. We hope that our Go Cornish website feels fully accessible to all that want to learn or teach the Cornish language, no matter what their age, background or day job.”

— Will Coleman, Director of Golden Tree

Go Cornish Illustration Elements

A vast array of icons were produced to form the visual identity for the brand, to illustrate certain identifiable items and encourage learning through image association.

Seaweed = Gobmon / Shell = Krogen / Seal = Reun / One = Onan
Boat = Lester / Sea = Mor / Leaf = Delen / Lighthouse = Golowji

Go Cornish Illustrated Wallpaper

Go Cornish Translation Speech Bubbles

Go Cornish Illustrated Wallpaper with Cornish Translations

Go Cornish bus departure lounge in Truro

January 2019 saw the official unveiling of the brand online, along with the engaging Go Cornish bus departure lounge at Lemon Quay in Truro. Designed as a place for those waiting for a bus to subtly interact with the Cornish Language, with the departure lounge being adorned floor to ceiling on all walls in illustrated wallpaper featuring the illustrations themselves ‘speaking’ their Cornish equivalents. This was designed as a simple pictorial way for people to learn the language and gain snippets of insight in a fun and playful way. It makes the space more enjoyable to be in and less clinical feeling, helping the public to pass the time whilst they wait.

Go Cornish bus departure lounge in Truro

Go Cornish bus departure lounge in Truro

Design for Go Cornish bus departure lounge in Truro

Go Cornish branded double decker bus parked on Lemon Quay in Truro

Along with the departure lounge, i also designed a bespoke Go Cornish-branded double decker bus which was parked on Lemon Quay for the launch. It features a full vehicle wrap inside and out, with entertaining conversations in Cornish on the seatbacks.

A rather wet Go Cornish Launch Press Photo in Truro (Featuring the Magi Ann team, Goldentree team, First Busses team and me!)

Go Cornish branded double decker bus designs

Go Cornish branded double decker bus designs

Go Cornish branded double decker bus designs

Go Cornish branded double decker bus internal design

Go Cornish branded double decker bus internal design

Visit gocornish.org to find local classes, enjoy Tales from Porth stories for pre-school and family learning, listen to ‘phrases of the day’, get Cornish translations at your fingertips, access apps, stories, games, inspirational content and much more. A programme of interactive Go Cornish workshops and events are also taking place in schools, pubs and community spaces across Cornwall, so get involved!

Yeghes da!