Behind the Scenes of Wolf Hall

  • Role Designer
  • For National Trust
  • Date 2015
  • Type Print Design

Montacute House was one of a number of stunning National Trust locations used for the filming of the BBC series Wolf Hall. Whilst at Gendall Design I designed a behind the scenes leaflet for the visitors of Montacute House to give an insight into what it was like filming the award winning series in and around the historic property.

At the property they often find leaflets are discarded due to being cumbersome, so the brief for this was to design a leaflet that would contain a large amount of content and information but for it to be small enough to fit into a visitors pocket and be more of a souvenir piece. This was an A3 sheet that folded down to A6, but was unfolded and read in a slightly unusual way compared to other leaflets of this size.

“In between filming, the extras wandered around the gardens texting on their phones and tablets. We were intrigued by the sight of Tudors with technology!’
Sonja Power - House & Collections Manager

“The jousting in the park was quite impressive. Watching the riders chatting to each other gave one the thought of what the scene could have been like 400 years ago”
Robin and Carol Winch - Volunteers