Montacute House

  • Role Designer
  • For National Trust
  • Date 2014
  • Type Print, interpretation and signage design

Illustrative detail came from decorative details that feature throughout the house and the stone carvings within the gardens

Poster and leaflet designs with a dark imposing colour palette to reinforce the theme

Poster and leaflet designs with a lighter, reversed colour palette for the gardens and grounds

Room plans, laser cut into bleached wooden panels and external signage hung on ironwork around the property

Montacute House of the National Trust commissioned Gendall Design, with myself as the lead designer, to produce a visual identity and a style guide for the property.

The house had an abundance of unique architectural features, which helped to create an identifiable set of icons and shapes that depict the character and history of the property. Icons and symbols were taken from architectural details found inside the house and the garden also had a host of unusual and recognisable features which helped to give a sense of scale and grandeur to the property identity.

The theme ‘A splendid lantern in the landscape’ used a darker, more imposing colour palette for house applications and a lighter, reversed palette for gardens and grounds. Features shine out of the dark, bringing them to the forefront with a bold and imposing use of colour and shapes. There was a focus on the strong shapes and patterns created within the house and textures were introduced to give the designs a sense of age and a tactile approach and emphasise the detailed features throughout the property, using scale to create a sense of grandeur. Visually there was a strong contrast between simplicity of the house and complexity of the details.