Plen An Gwari

The playing places of Cornwall

  • Role Designer
  • For Goldentree Productions
  • Date 2016
  • Type Print Design, Publication Design & Signage Design

During my time at Gendall Design i designed the 120 page book
‘Plen an Gwari: the Playing Places of Cornwall’.

Written by Will Coleman, featuring illustrations from leading Cornish artists Brian Hoskin, Trystan Mitchell, Heidi Ball, Daryl Waller and Emily Henshall, opening-up the undiscovered treasures of medieval Cornish theatre culture.

The brief was to create a bold and imposing typographic experience, immersing the reader within the pages. The book was all about ancient circular theatrical performance spaces throughout Cornwall, so the design heavily featured the use of circular holding devices and design cues.

“A throng of people thousands strong, surrounded by magnificent pavilions, performers in splendid costumes, massed chorus and musicians, live animals, guns and fireworks; the theatre culture of medieval Cornwall would have delivered an epic, immersive experience.”

Circular exhibition boards to mimimic the nature of the circular Plen An Gwari’s across Cornwall

Event invitation design

Business Cards