• Role Designer
  • For National Trust
  • Date 2015
  • Type Print, interpretation and signage design

Inspired by story book illustration and letter writing, layered scenes were created to represent key parts of the story

Large scale illustrated timeline

Whilst at Gendall Design, Stourhead, one of the National Trusts largest country estates commissioned us to create an engaging and unique interpretation of ‘Harry’s story’, a tale of extremes, love and devastation, triumph over adversity, neglect and recovery. Interpretation which could be rolled out across the Stourhead estate, ensuring as many visitors as possible leave with some recognition/learning of this key period in Stourheads’ long history. Interventions needed to be in the right place, be considerate of the environment, be durable and have longevity.

The story was brought to life through a series of engaging large scale interpretation pieces, across a variety of sites on the historic estate. These included:

  • A giant 3D book at the visitor reception to introduce the story

  • Way finding markers throughout the gardens

  • Bespoke shelving holding replica diary’s full of actual personal accounts of Harry’s upbringing from the original diaries of his mother

  • Bespoke shelving for visitors to share their own memories of their visit

  • A large scale illustrated timeline

  • Information cards within each room of the main house

(Photography by Gendall Design and The Grain, Wooden signage manufactured by The Grain)